Laser, Plasma & Waterjet Cutting

Harness the Power with BobCAD-CAM

Take control, optimize precision, and maximize efficiency with BobCAD-CAM’s top-tier solutions for laser, plasma, and waterjet cutting.

Our 2D CAD-CAM software offers powerful and easy-to-use toolpath capabilities that help shops of all sizes improve production.

Find everything you need for the fabrication industry and more!

• Powerful CAD

• Easy-to-use CAM with customizable programming templates for fast programming

• Add taps and Feed rate control to your Laser, Plasma, and Water Jet jobs.

• Art System with an impressive vectorizing functionality

Tool Pathpattern For Plasma and much more!

Master the Art of Precision & Efficiency

Powerful CAD

  • Enhance your design efficiency with access to 40 pre-designed parametric shapes, providing a streamlined and expedited workflow.
  • Apply revisions to your CAD projects on the fly with our CAD tree or double-click any entity to modify.
  • Robust 2D and 3D modeling capabilities for intricate design creation.
  • Streamlined design-to-manufacture workflow with seamless CAD integration.

Intuitive CAM

  • Experience the simplicity of our CAM interface, designed for intuitive navigation and ease of use.
  • Utilize customizable programming templates to streamline your workflow, ensuring efficiency and precision in every operation.
  • Enhance precision and efficiency by adding taps and feed rate control to your Laser, Plasma, and Water Jet jobs.
  • Fine-tune cutting parameters for optimal results in various materials.

Art System with Vectorizing Functionality

  • Art system equipped with an impressive vectorizing functionality.
  • Transform images and artwork into machine-readable vectors for accurate and detailed machining.

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