Lathe Programming

When using CAD CAM, the Compensation cutting strategy follows the final profile’s shape throughout the roughing process, unlike cycles’ linear movements. This strategy offers several cutting advantages, including:

  1. Tool remains in constant contact with material, enhancing tool life and roughing quality.
  2. Reduced retractions as machine follows workpiece shape.
  3. Toolpath adjusts to material shape, eliminating cutting in air, especially for special materials or repairing existing parts.
  4. Decreased cutting time due to fewer rapid movements.
  5. Zigzag compensation path with neutral or circular tool follows final piece shape, minimizing retractions.

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Lathe Cutting Pattern

Maximize efficiency with BobCAD-CAM’s smart cycle programming, streamlining linear cuts and material removal.

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Lathe Offset Cutting Patterns

Discover the power of CAD/CAM’s Offset cutting strategy with BobCAD-CAM.

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Simulation and Collision Checking

Simulation and Collision Checking
Boost efficiency and safety with BobCAD-CAM’s Collision Checking.
Maximize productivity with our templates and Offset feature, reducing programming time for routine parts. This saves time, resources, and costs, leading to improved overall quality.

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