Revamp Machining with G-Code Simulation

Say Goodbye to Machining Surprises with G-Code Simulation
Experience precision like never before with our G-Code simulation. Visualize every step of your machining process and ensure flawless execution. Your controller relies on G-Code—make sure it’s perfect!

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Watch Our NC Editor Pro in Action

Functionalities that set our software apart:

NC Editor Pro optimizes G code for performance and efficiency with color-coded segments, smooth operation, and animates with accurate backplotting for showing processes, tool movements, and collisions.

NC Editor Pro simplifies G code editing with intelligent search functions for easy and precise modifications, enhancing programming accuracy.

NC Editor Pro allows instant adjustments to axes and drilling depths for precise machining and optimal machine operation.

Boost machining speeds by easily adjusting feed rates and spindle speeds, ensuring optimal operation efficiency without compromising quality.

Solidworks V11

BobCAM V11 is one of the most comprehensive CAM packages available for Solidworks users. It offers multi-axis milling, turning, wire EDM and more, as well as support for 3D geometry and 2D drawing files from Solidworks.

BobCAM offers different levels of integration with Solidworks including:

  • 2-5 Axis Milling
  • Lathe/Mill Turn
  • Wire EDM

This integrated software for Solidworks is designed to provide you with all the tools you need to create wonderful designs.

Rhino V3

BobCAM for Rhino V3 is a major update to the world’s most potent CAM solution for Rhino. This release has been designed around two major themes:

  • Usability
  • Increased toolpath power

We’ve been working hard on making the user experience of our Rhino integration feel simpler for our customers.

From added tools to manage your work offset numbers to new toolpaths for deburring your parts; every customer is going to find enhancements in the product that make programming feel more natural.